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Drug storage in the central pharmacy

Drugs stored in the Hänel Rotomat® and Hänel Lean-Lift® in the central pharmacy. The advantage: Continuous inventory update with short storage and retrieval times

Hänel storage systems are ideal for the administration and storage of the required medicines in the central pharmacy.

The HänelSoft® software manages the entire pharmacy and controls the Hänel storage systems. The software can also ensure that medications in the storage systems are not kept beyond their expiration dates. Direct connection to the in-house IT system ensures a continuous exchange of data.
The pluses
• Over 60 % more space than with conventional storage methods.
• Work times slashed thanks to quick and easy operation.
• Constant overview of inventory status.
• Better organization of drug dispensing.
• Protection and safety of the stored drugs.
 Neat and safe storage of drugs in the Hänel Rotomat®

Safe and secure retrieval with the Hänel Lockomat®

Whether it’s for the central pharmacy of a hospital, or the decentralized storage of drugs – the Hänel Lockomat® ensures optimal security
Compartment doors that are closed manually or automatically guarantee error-free retrieval and protect the stored articles from unauthorized access.

All retrievals are logged and can be traced to the respective users. Drug categories can be assigned to different individuals and only requested by these people.

Only the drugs selected by barcode or storage number can be withdrawn. The other compartment doors of the Hänel Lockomat® remain magnetically locked.
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